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(1/2 year) Acting Workshop I is for the serious acting student and will explore the fundamentals of what it takes to "live believably in fictional circumstances." We will work on physicality, proper breathing and vocal technique for the stage, text analysis, status play, memorization, and playing objectives/actions/obstacles through individual and group exercises, improvised scenes, written text, and Shakespeare speeches.


(1/2 year course offered alternating years) Students in this class will learn how to create living theatre out of the written script by assuming the directors' duties and responsibilities, which include (but are not limited to): analyzing a test, developing a production concept, communicating with a production team, staging and blocking. Students will read a variety of texts and engage in dramatic activities to better understand the fundamental role of a stage director. Directing workshop is recommended for juniors and senior students who have taken one or more other drama classes.  This is a required course for seniors who want to direct a TS One-Act.  


(1/2 year) Students will learn acting technique, self-confidence, and self presentation skills through the use of improvisational and theater game activities. These exercises will allow you to develop your imagination, concentration, and understanding of how to relate spontaneously on the stage and become more comfortable in front of a group in other aspects of your life. This is a fun and “up out of your seat” kind of class. 


(1/2 year) Time to overcome your fear! This course is designed to assist you in developing and understanding the skills and principles associated with speaking effectively in public. Not just a course on giving a speech, this class will explore the many genres in which we speak for power: storytelling, academic settings, drama, interviews, toasts, debate, and formal speeches. Emphasis is placed on encouraging an awareness of the power of rhetoric, the creativity involved in preparing for and using speech, and the manner in which voice, body, and awareness of audience contribute to the success of speaking.


(1/2 year) This Set Design and Construction class will focus on the many aspects of designing and constructing sets and scenery for the various school productions. Students will be involved in stage model building, flat construction, and many other facets of the theater. The students will have opportunities during class to actually work on the live stage in all of its many areas. The student may repeat the class for additional credits upon instructor’s approval.


 (1/2 year) In this course, students will put on a full theatrical production from beginning to end, which will be presented to district elementary schools. Students will have an opportunity to act in, direct, design and produce a play during the school day This class is perfect for students with an interest in any aspect of theatre, and welcomes both beginners and advanced students of all grades.


(1/2 year)  This class will be offered in the 2023 / 2024 school year.   

Please note that GNSHS offers a variety of music classes such as band, orchestra, chamber music, choir, guitar, electronic composition, music theory, etc....  Many of our Theatre South students take a mix of drama, stagecraft, and music classes throughout their years at Great Neck South HS.  If you have any questions specific to the music program, please email the head of the Performing Arts department, Michael Schwartz at

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