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   Please help to support Theatre South by donating to our program! Here are a variety of ways to do so.

   1.  You can always purchase an ad in our Playbill for either one or all three of our mainstage productions.  This is always a great option for friends & family who want to congratulate actors & stage crew members in a production.  This is also a good way to advertise for a local business. To learn more, please click on the DocX Word icon.  

To see examples of ads in a former playbill, please visit:

   2.  You could always mail in a financial donation to the address listed at the bottom of this page and in the contacts section.  Furthermore, when we sell tickets to a performance online, there is a donations section you can directly contribute to.


   3.  If you have any vintage clothing (in good condition), accessories, or furniture pieces / props that might be able to be used in variety of shows, please contact Ms. Ilana Meredith to see if we could use it. 

     Thank you!!!

Ilana Meredith

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