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Stage Crew

Under the direction of Debra Dumas, Theatre South's stage crew offers students the opportunity to be involved in designing, constructing, and helping to run all technical aspects during the run of our performances.  Furthermore, stage crew is involved in every theatrical event during the school year (TS and beyond), including the music department's opera, concerts, the school fashion show, etc...

Set Construction 

Scenic Painting

Lighting Design

Costume Crew


Running Crew

Stage Management

...& more!

Under the Direction of:

Matt Rosenberg: Technical Director

John Motchkavitz: Scenic Construction & Design

Michael Passuello: Scenic Painting

Lydia Gladstone: Costume Design

John Dimaggio: Sound Design

Joining Stage Crew!

     Being part of stage crew is an incredible opporunity for students at GNSHS!  Gaining skills in design, building construction, running technical equipment such as our lighting & sound board, managing various teams, and simply learning to work alongside others, etc... are just a few of the countless positive attributes of being part of a backstage crew.   

Some of our tech theatre crew commit to almost every theatrical production (Theatre South and beyond) throughout the school year, while others help out when they can.  In fact, several of our crew members are also actors in our shows.  

We also have opportunities for students to become crew chiefs if they have shown a consistent, positive work ethic in their area of expertise throughout the years.  

If you are a current GNSHS student, and interested in learning more about stage crew, please contact Matt Rosenberg at

Please note, there is also a set design and construction class taught by John Motchkavitz during school hours.  We highly recommend that you take this class if interested in stage crew, as you fulfill an arts credit, and also help to build our sets for TS productions.  To learn more about the class and also helping out with set building, please contact

There is nothing quite like going from day one on a bare stage to a final production that you helped create with sets, lights, sound, costumes, etc...  A new world comes to life!


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